In my last post, I wrote about my specific long term & short term goals.

Writing them out is supposed to help you remember to do what you need to do.

I even printed out my post & stuck it on my refrigerator door, complete with a picture of a swimwear model in a red bikini! So much effort!


Aside from the bikini babe, that list contained these things:

-Blog 2x a month.

-Post to YouTube 2x a month.

-Get down to 125lbs.

-Book an acting job.

So far, I have done one of those things. I can happily say I booked my first commercial last week! I was a waitress & I carried a tray in a 3 second scene. Nailed it.

I’m actually ecstatic about that. I’ve been with multiple agencies over the past 3 years & this was my first booking. 🙂

Now for the other three…

Obviously, I have not posted two blogs this month. That’s what this blog is about…so I guess this will count as one. Half-hooray! It’s not that I haven’t been writing blog-esque material…I just haven’t finished a thought all month so I have three half-assed posts ready to go. They’re fairly important topics though…to me at least. They aren’t “self-conscious about my butt” posts, so I want to do them right. They’ll surface soon.

I have not posted 2 videos to YouTube…yet. There’s 9 hours left & I have some Snapchat material I’ve been meaning to upload so once those are up, I will update this post & place links here:

UPDATE! before I even published this blog!

Subscribe to my channel! Also, be my frand on Snapchat: ana1089.

“Get down to 125lbs.” I have been working out a lot more. I’ve been cardio-ing & lifting weights & I physically & mentally feel better. I stepped on a scale last week though, something I try not to do very often, & it has not budged. I’m still around 140lbs, and whenever I see pictures other people have taken of me, I cringe at how “marshmallow man” I think I look. Mostly my arms, but homegirl has biceps & I’m not sure how to tame them. I’m not convinced my thyroid levels are normal yet though, so I’m hopeful I’ll see results once that’s “fixed”…or at least less “puffiness.”

So, I guess I’ve somewhat rectified my non-posting by posting this update. Hooray! I don’t feel like total garbage for failing in the first month of 2017! There’s hope yet…that statement can go both ways…

Anyway, let me know how you’re doing with your goals! It’s never too late to start over! Unless you’re dead. Accountability, y’all.