A little over a month ago, I felt I’d fallen into a rut so I wrote this “Life Overhaul Guide” to help me climb out. Say what you want about New Years resolutions being dumb and nobody sticking to theirs…maybe you’re right but you’re also a Debbie Downer. It’s nice to have the illusion of “starting over” so I thought I’d share my fresh start thoughts & my personal goals for the new year/life in general.

10 Ways to Overhaul Your Life When You Feel You’re In A Rut

1 – Clean & organize or rearrange your living space. Keep it that way.

2 – Start a new workout routine & stick to it.

3 – Get a haircut or color…or both.

4 – Save money by not eating out so much.

5 – Start eating better by actually eating all of the fresh foods you buy at the grocery. Maybe try Whole 30 if you need a kick in the as–I mean, detox. I am! Well, will be! Once I eat all of my non-Whole 30 foods I bought this week…

6 – Reevaluate & refocus on your long term & short term goals.

7 – Make sure you know what your goals are first and or set some.

8 – Find a new or 2nd or 3rd source of income.

9 – Switch it up! Find a new hobby or pick up an old one. Drop something that doesn’t fulfill you anymore.

10 –Make lists for your short term & long term goals. Get specific & give yourself deadlines (& stick to them). Include what you want out of life. Actually do all these things instead of just “mentally” doing them. Follow through is the most important!


What Are Your Short Term Goals? Write Them down!

Here are mine:

  • Write the short film/feature stuck in my mind. Produce it with my sketch group or otherwise.
  • Figure out my “brand” or theme for my YouTube channel & post videos twice a month. 1,000 subscribers by June 2017.
  • Blog [at least] 2x a month. 100 followers by June 2017. Start a short story blog.
  • Find another source of income or find a new job. Increase my income by at least $10,000.
  • Write a children’s or preteen book by July 2017.
  • Get a new agent & book an acting job.
  • Take at least two acting or dancing classes a month.
  • Write a spec for an existing TV show.
  • Pay off my credit card debt…or at least make a dent in it.
  • Get my thyroid levels back to normal.
  • Get back down to 125-130lbs. Currently: 140+ (some scales say 144, some say 140..potayto, potahto)
  • Travel somewhere new. Alone or with friends.

What Do You Want Out of/In Your Life? Long term goals, if you will. Write it down!

Here’s my list:

1 – I want to not have a 9-5 desk job.

2 – I want to work for myself & have a creatively fulfilling job.

3 – I want to make a comfortable+ living on my own with that creatively fulfilling job. $100K+ a year.

4 – I want to find a genuine, honest, smart, funny, hard-working, considerate man to be bae & I want to marry bae at some point.

5 – I want to perform & entertain & make people laugh & inspire them to be happy.

6 – I want a house with a porch & fenced in backyard & a pool. Also, swings.

7 – I want a close group of social friends in the city I live.

8 – I want to maybe potentially kind of have healthy & happy kids but, like, later. Maybe 2 of them.

9 – I want to not worry about over drafting my account in between paychecks ever again. That would be awesome.

10 – I want to be great at something. I want to be disciplined and work hard enough at something to be considered “great.”

If I could, I’d include “Everybody I love lives healthily & happily & by my side forever,” but I’m only focusing on realistic things I think I can control or achieve…& you should to!

Make your list achievable. Write your wants & goals down & Rihanna the shhh out of 2017. (Work, work, work, work, work)

Cheers to you! Be happy, be healthy! Have courage & be kind! Be fierce & stuff.