***Over a month ago, I was sitting at my boss’s house drinking wine & watching the election results. I’m not a very political person at this point in my life, maybe I’ll get there one day, but it’s not something that gets me “fired up” usually. What works me up is how people treat each other & express themselves, & you could argue that that is why I should be “fired up” about this election. Checkmate. What I’m getting at is…this post was originally not going to be published, I was drinking wine, I had no strong affiliation for either major party but Facebook…*sigh*…Facebook got me. &  I decided to write a tipsy rant to entertain myself. Why am I posting it now?



I’m 3 glasses of wine in & it looks like Trump is going to win. All I see on social media is blame-throwing (like flame-throwing, but less cool?) & like…

“Blah, blah, blah you voted for 3rd party, you voted for Trump. This is your fault.”

“Blah, blah, blah, Trump voters are uneducated.”

“WTF, America?!”

“Duck Humanity.” Except a less autocorrected version of that phrase.

I want to get my feelings out now because…I don’t know, this is what I do. 

People that I know & love & consider highly educated & intelligent voted for Trump because they do not trust Hillary. They want a change. They feel something needs to be done, and he was the one that made it through the system. People hate Trump for being a bigot & being bass ackwards about a lot of things. He’s inexperienced & unpredictable & his attitude is insufferable. I get it.

These were the two choices we were given by the American people & the screwed up system we allow to run the country (Hey, Bernie, Hey).

I don’t have any major point to make, I told you, wine. But you know what, a big screw you to anybody that throws blame & tries to make anyone feel guilty for voting for what they feel is right. Everyone has the right to vote for their convictions. What the hell makes your opinion the right one? Be passionate about your opinions & point of view, absolutely; But why you gotta be so insufferable about it? Why you gotta make someone feel bad for their point of view? This goes for both sides. My Facebook feed is pretty equally divided & it’s disheartening. 

What happened to the days when we didn’t throw our opinions on every open ear for the sake of getting along? Yeah, that’s weird to say considering I’m writing about my feelings but WINE. Can we all agree that we are human? None of us have the answer. All we have to go on is human experience & humans are flawed so how the hell do you know you’re right?

That’s all I want to say, really. I saw a status that really set me off. We all did what we could, what we thought was right. Now let’s work with whatever results we’re given. Play with the cards we’re dealt. Other idioms. I have no idea if that’s the right word but IDC. Just be nice to each other. Don’t make someone feel bad for the way they vote. If you do, you’re an asshole.